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Recipe: Coconut Poppy Seed Cake

  • Saturday, July 11, 2015
  • Jani Williamson
  • AAA Cafe

Jani-cakeI got this recipe from a food blog and have been hanging on to it for several months because I love coconut and knew I wanted to make it sometime.  We had a luncheon at work recently and it was a perfect time to try out this new recipe!  Since we all loved it, thought you might want to try it too!

Coconut Poppy Seed Cake
Serves 20-24

1 package white cake mix
½ cup flaked coconut
¼ cup poppy seeds

3 ½ cups cold milk

1 teaspoon coconut extract

2 packages (3.4 ounces each) instant vanilla pudding mix

1 carton (8 ...

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Trivia: "CINDER's KIN"

Cinderella1-Bing Crosby suggested we best let a smile serve as this.

2-Monster music festival in the California desert.

3-Traditionally made from Italian buffalo milk.  Seriously.

4-Designer with a knighted pop.

5-Contaminated food gives you this.

6-A very young Jane Fonda roams space in the 41st century.

7-Fragrant natural oil used as insect repellant.

8- One of the Angels who touched us.

9-Spanish rice dish usually mixed with seafood.

10-MMMMM ... think hazelnut.

Have the answers?  Submit them to Peggy >>


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Burn Baby Burn


Burn Baby, Burn

Question: What sport burns, in six minutes, the same amount of energy as two non-stop, back-to-back basketball games?

The answer is crewing.

That fact was news to me, even though I have two daughters who both rowed from their 7th grade summer all the way into college.  I happily spent countless hours at high school and college regattas waiting for those magic seven minutes of each child's race.  I'm sure I complained a couple of times during the passing of all those events.  But as painful as the waiting might have been, it was ...

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Spiritual Fingerprints

Hard to believe that July 4th has come and gone - signifying not only the quickly passing summer but also, the all too quickly half way mark of 2015.

It's common to pause in December as the year nears its close to reflect on the goals accomplished and those which fell to the way side. Looking back to my 2015 goals today though, it's easy to see that I'll need to do some recalibrating to be further along in two particular goals:  spending more time in the Word and taking opportunities to serve where He is leading ...

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God's Sufficient Grace

"I could use your prayers right now."

"I really need to see God's inexplicable love right now."

Those are two of the recent texts on my phone.   They came from a dear friend who is walking through a deep valley.

As I was  encouraging her with Bible verses about God's love and promises, I also sent her the link to a recent "Daily Light for Daily Living®" the daily 1:00 feature from Anne Graham Lotz - the program was titled, "God 's Sufficient Grace:"

"What's troubling you right now?  Is it sickness? Loss of a job? Did ...

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The Heart God Revives

Are you a proud person or a broken person?  Nancy Leigh DeMoss asked that question to a group of ministry workers twenty years ago this month.  Their response was surprising, and those in attendance still remember that message twenty years later.  Listeners will hear how God used a message of brokenness on Revive Our Hearts programs airing July 6-10.

Nancy says, God wants to restore our "first love" for Jesus, rekindle the fire of devotion that once burned brightly in our hearts, reconcile broken relationships, and rebuild the parts of our lives that are in a state of disrepair.  In ...

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