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With 50 years of experience, we "get" that things are always changing! That's why we've dedicated a section of our website to provide the very latest information about the speakers and ministries we serve--and about us, too. Come take a look at "what's new"--or use the sidebar options to take a deeper look at areas of particular interest. In case you wonder what we think, we've dedicated a space for commentary (including guest posts). And take a look at who's been to Ambassador lately in our own version of the Greenroom!

The Paradox

“This is going to hurt me far more than it will hurt you.”

Ever hear that?  I did.  Of course, I couldn’t fathom that statement was true until I had children of my own.  My Dad used his hand to drive home the lesson.  And then, in some great cosmic circular irony, I found myself uttering the same phrase when junior needed some corporal training.  FWIW, I gave up spanking him early on when he started laughing at my angst and poor application of the lesson.

But at school, it was ...

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Every Life Is Important in God's Eyes

We posted a question on the Ambassador Facebook page last week – "What are you most looking forward to this Easter?"   My answer: "Time with my family at church on Sunday morning focusing on the One life which saved mine."

And that is exactly what I most cherished about this past Easter Sunday as I sat in church with my children and our pastor shared about how the resurrection of Christ is the story of the Creator's victory over all evil and how it's His invitation to each of us to ...

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Conversations at the Harbor

Dana-Point-Harbor-ROTWIt was Friday evening.  I had just left the office and grabbed a chicken shawarma at a nearby Mediterranean place.  Then I decided to kick off the weekend with a drive of indefinite distance down Pacific Coast Highway.  Admiring the beauty and depth of God's creation, I drove through Newport, Corona Del Mar, Laguna ... and ended up at a place I had only seen photos of.  It was Dana Point Harbor.

I easily found parking (an anomaly anywhere near the shore) and strolled about the harbor.  Families ate dinner at a fancy-looking restaurant, couples held hands and cruised down ...

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Mother's Day Specials!

Christian WomanMother’s Day is a time to honor and celebrate the mothers in our lives.  This Mother’s Day, you can give the mothers in your audience the blessing of encouragement from author, speaker, teacher, (and most importantly) mother, Elizabeth George (A Woman after God’s Own Heart).

Elizabeth knows the job of being a mom well!  And, she brings encouragement to your listeners with her three ‘evergreen’ Mother’s Day specials:

"A Woman's Daily Walk with God" (25:00) with Elizabeth George
With life-scene enhancements, this is a special for moms-for any woman-from the heart of a wife ...

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Simon & Saeed: Take Up Your Cross

max-lucadoIn last Thursday's edition of UpWords® with Max Lucado, listeners were reminded of Christ's mandate to believers in Luke 9:23:

"If any of you want to be my followers, you must forget yourself.  You must take up your cross each day and follow me."

Max talked about Simon from Cyrene, the man who Roman soldiers commanded to carry Jesus' cross to Golgotha.  "Simon did literally what God calls us to do figuratively: take up the cross and follow Jesus," reflects Max.

As I listened to the recount of Simon's cross-bearing, Pastor Saeed Abedini came to mind ...

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Being Faithful in the Journey

Hobby Howard (L) and Matt Maguire (R) from FamilyLifeThis past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary by attending the Weekend to Remember® in Ventura.  We realize there may be some folks who wonder why we'd attend a conference on our anniversary, especially if they knew this was our sixth time.  But actually, we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our journey as husband and wife.  Not only is it a great reminder of what's most important in our marriage--bringing honor to God--but a chance to look back on His blessings because of our faithfulness to each other and to ...

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