Daily 1:00

  • Focus on the Family

    Focus on the Family Minute

    For 60 seconds of the best of Focus on the Family -- insights on building strong marriages and raising kids on the right path -- tune in to the Focus on the Family Minute.  These daily insights are a perfect fit for your morning and afternoon drive times. 

Daily 1:00

  • Times Square Church

    It's Time to Pray

    With "It's Time to Pray" Carter Conlon is calling a nation to serious prayer--praying like we've never prayed before, seeking God to glorify Him in our life so that we may be channels of God's provision for a needy world wherever we are and in whatever we're doing.


Daily 1:00

  • AnGeL Ministries®

    Daily Light for Daily Living®

    This is a feature with biblical substance. A daily message from God's Word for those who seek to take seriously God's principles for life.

    Each feature is wrapped around Scripture with a life application that's unmistakable. Anne doesn't mince words and her commentary is never predictable. As a matter of fact, her vulnerability may surprise you! Always refreshing and challenging-Daily Light for Daily Living® is a call to fulfill the purpose God has for each person.

    Anne says, "If you live according to God's directions, life works, you are blessed, and you experience life the way it was meant to be lived."

  • The Garlow Perspective

    The Garlow Perspective

    On The Garlow Perspective speaker Jim Garlow speaks out boldly, on what he describes as issues of righteousness:  biblical values of religious freedom, pro-life, biblical marriage between a man and a woman to name a few.  The Garlow Perspective tackles the cultural issues of the day in order to underscore biblical truth in a time where too often truth is exchanged for tolerance and a lack of courage.  

Daily 1:00

  • FamilyLife

    FamilyLife Blended

    Re-married couples and stepfamilies comprise one-third of American homes. And Ron Deal speaks engagingly and knowledgeably to the specific needs of blended families from his expertise as a licensed family therapist and counselor.

    The goal is to help prevent re-divorce, to strengthen stepfamilies spiritually and practically in what they uniquely face.  Every program is framed in biblical truth--the core commitment of "FamilyLife" ministry overall.

Daily 1:00

  • Cru

    Making Your Life Count

    "Making Your Life Count" with Cru President Steve Douglass is a reminder to be ready and available for God's divine appointments.

    Both the 1:00 or 2:00 daily feature version contain a two-fold impact: listeners discover how to live a life transformed by Christ, while also hearing examples of how they can make a difference in the lives of others!

Daily 1:00

  • Museum of the Bible

    The Book

    "The Book"--it speaks for itself in a new and fresh 1:00 format.  In contemporary dramatization and production enhancement, a story is told each day, drawing the listener into the Bible narrative--whether it's from Apollo 14 and the first Bible on the surface of the moon, or discovering Dead Sea Scrolls in the caves of Qum'ran--"The Book" is an opportunity to fully engage with this book of books!

    DEMO: "Wall Street"
    DEMO: "Familiar Sayings"
    DEMO: "Julia Ward Howe"
    DEMO: "Bible Literacy"
    DEMO: "Codex"

    *For some browsers, you may need to right-click and save the file in order to play demo.

  • Revival Outside the Walls

    Ignite with Barry Meguiar

    "Ignite with Barry Meguiar" puts the fun in winning others to Christ.  Barry says, "God's called us to change our world, one person at a time, and it's time to get busy."  In his feature, he encourages listeners to practice, practice, practice.  And each "Ignite with Barry Meguiar" program shows exactly how to do it in practical, easy ways that starts the listener on the path of living God's purpose for life every day-having the time of their life doing it!

Daily 1:00

  • Grace to You®

    Portraits of Grace®

    Voiced by John MacArthur, "Portraits of Grace®" are just that: Vivid, one-minute snapshots of biblical truth designed to communicate God's Word with value and practical impact.

  • UpWords®


    UpWords® conveys refreshing insights from Scripture with an emphasis on practical Christian living for audiences across the country.

    Max Lucado Over the past 25 years Max Lucado has sold more than 100 million products in print.  Of the 100 million, 80 million are books, many of which have been translated into more than 40 languages.  Some of his best known works include Traveling Light, Just Like Jesus, You Are Special (children's book), and Grace for the Moment.

    Max also serves as the Minister of Preaching at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.

    "There's nothing more exciting than telling the story of a Savior who left a perfect home and gave His life for an imperfect people.  And what an opportunity I have through UpWords® to continue telling the story."

  • BreakPoint®

    The Point®

    John Stonestreet is passionate in helping listeners develop a robust biblical worldview.  Whether he's talking to soccer moms, students or corporate executives, John keeps Christians focused on "the point" of everyday, real-life living from a biblical worldview.

  • Haven Ministries

    HAVEN Now

    HAVEN Now is among the most current 1:00 features in all radio. Voiced daily by Charles Morris, inspired by news events and delivered the same day via Amb-OS, HAVEN Now provides listeners with timely biblical encouragement to cope with the society in which they live and work.

Daily 1:00

  • Share Life Today

    Share Life Today

    "Share Life Today" in stories from real-life encounters, challenges lay people to learn to share the Gospel every day in an ordinary conversation, to know how to ask great questions, and to testify to the life-changing truth of Jesus Christ.

Daily 1:00

  • Mercy Ships®

    The Mercy Minute®

    For the past 30 years, Mercy Ships® has exemplified Christ's touch of hope and healing by showing mercy to some of the world's poorest peoples. Today, its newest hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, is committed to placed like Benin, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana where long history of medical care, joined with relief efforts to empower developing communities, have made Mercy Ships® a welcome friend by all, including those at the highest levels of governmental leadership.

    A volunteer-based crew, drawn from 40 nations worldwide, includes top-notch medical professionals who deliver free world-class health care and serve urgent surgical needs onboard the ship. Uniquely, the staff are actually on support, paying for their room and board as they serve the world's neediest and often overlooked poor.

    With this platform as its mission, Don Stephens provides a daily reminder of what happens when, as believers are exhorted to do, show mercy. The impacting short features include stories collected from all over the world, reminding listeners of Christ's promise..."blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy."

  • Women Today

    Women Today

    As a wife of over 50 years, the Co-founder with Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, a mother and grandmother-Vonette Bright is the quintessential Proverbs 31 woman for those who desire to reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Vonette's faithful commitment to her husband was no more beautifully expressed than in those days of ministry together before the Lord took Bill Bright home to glory on July 19, 2003.  It has served to enrich her even more deeply with spiritual strength and wisdom as she seeks to help women attain their potential in Christ.

    In each day's program Vonette's call to action and participation in the gospel, reflects that same practical application of God's Word that are also the hallmark of her best-selling devotional series, "My Heart in His Hands."

    "We want to do everything we can to encourage women to be all they can be.  Beginning and maintaining a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the first step in the great adventure of not only being all we can be, but also of making a difference in our world."

  • Joni and Friends®

    Diamonds in the Dust

    In just a minute, Joni Eareckson Tada encourages listeners with the reality that God can take the grime of any life to create a sparkling gem-His glory is in us! Also, we'd love to share with you 1:00 PSAs designed to help fulfill your FCC responsibility and increase awareness of disability concerns.

  • Revive Our Hearts™

    Seeking Him

    Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth takes everyday circumstances and needs to challenge listeners to seek God with all their heart so that He will restore, renew, and revive each one of them for service to spread His glory and His Name throughout the world.

Daily 1:00

  • Haven Ministries

    ANCHOR Today

    According to experts, American Christians have never been busier or more distracted.  And in the midst of all the busyness and circumstances of life, it's easy to skip the one thing that holds us fast amidst the chaos.  ANCHOR Today is that daily time in God's Word to bind our hearts to our hope in Christ as nothing else can.  It is what Hebrews 6:19 says is "an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."  The feature distinctively is designed around a complete verse of Scripture with an invitation to the spiritual disciplines of daily prayer and Bible reading.

Daily 1:00

  • Life Issues® Institute

    Life Issues®

    As an acknowledged veteran of the pro-life cause, Brad Mattes brings his passion for the unborn in this up-to-the-minute commentary.  Each day's feature provides expert education and advocacy on the efforts of pro-life and protection of human lives from the unborn to those issues of the aged.

Daily 1:30

  • Focus on the Family-Spanish


    Available in Spanish!  The movie review with a family point of view!  The Plugged In Movie Reviews (Conectados) helps mom and dad play leading roles in their family's movie choices.  Hosted by Bob Waliszewski, the Plugged In Movie Reviews provides a family friendly, 5-star rating scale for the week's newest movie and DVD releases.  Available twice weekly in both 1-minute and 2-minute versions, the Plugged In Movie Reviews connects with parents -- making it a powerful audience builder for your station!

  • Focus on the Family-Spanish

    Commentario de Enfoque

    A 90-second daily feature addressing the marriage and parenting topics listeners care about most, Focus on the Family Commentary offers timeless wisdom in an ever-changing world.


  • FamilyLife

    Real FamilyLife

    From the cultural perspective of the streets, the classroom, the local neighborhood, Dennis Rainey responds with practical, godly wisdom to help make families strong.

Daily 2:00

  • Grace to You®

    Bible Q&A With John MacArthur

    John MacArthur draws on more than forty years of studying and teaching God's Word to answer the most frequently asked questions people have about the Bible, theology, and the Christian life.  The two-minute program features all new material, voiced in studio exclusively for broadcast, offering concise answers to the tough questions.

    NOTE: In a special series within the Bible Q&A content, John MacArthur guides listeners through the entire New Testament--from Matthew to Revelation.  "Jet Tour Through the New Testament" runs September 28-November 6, 2015, and replaces the usual Bible Q&A format for these six weeks.

Daily 4:00

  • BreakPoint®


    In the legacy forged by Chuck Colson, hosts
    Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet interpret today's cultural issues with a thought-provoking perspective on challenges faced by Christians and non-believers.

    Amb-OS immediate delivery provides the hosts the ability to make last-minute changes so that listeners always hear the most up-to-date, concise, biblical commentary on national and world events, as they are taking place.

  • Joni and Friends®

    Joni and Friends®

    Joni's inspiration and ability to bring the good news of Jesus to hurting people (whatever the cause of the hurt!) is a gift, uniquely effective over the air because of her "one on one" communication style.

    The credentials of her own disability give Joni a unique platform for communicating boldly about our relationship to God. She is the founder of the "Joni and Friends®" ministry and has written nearly 20 best-selling books. Her musical abilities (occasionally sprinkled into the radio feature) are displayed in a number of albums including "Spirit Wings" and "Let God Be God." And, she's a gifted artist whose work is regularly seen in publications as well as in art galleries.

    "If I were able, I'd love to visit every disabled person in countless hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes across the country. Yet even though I can't, radio can! I praise God that the air waves are 'my way' of sharing the good news of Jesus with hurting people everywhere!"

Daily 14:30

  • Focus on the Family-Spanish

    Enfoque a la Familia

    Enfoque a la Familia was specially created to give hope and support in the midst of suffering.  For 20 years, this program has offered practical advice to Hispanic and Spanish-speaking families around the world.

Daily 25:00

  • Grace to You®

    Grace to You®

    The hallmark of John MacArthur's ministry is the careful study and verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible, with special attention devoted to the historical and grammatical background behind each passage. An unswerving commitment to the inerrancy and accuracy of Scripture has endeared "Grace to You®" (on the air for more than 25 years) to thousands of daily listeners across the country and around the globe.

  • Revive Our Hearts™

    Revive Our Hearts

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is the teacher for Revive Our Hearts, a daily radio program calling women to a life of surrender, sacrifice, service, and Spirit-filled living.

    Each day Nancy brings a passionate heart for God and a tender heart for women to her teaching of the Word of God. It's a much needed message for today's woman.

  • FamilyLife

    FamilyLife Today

    Dennis Rainey and co-host Bob Lepine offer practical, biblical insight for marriages and families in a dialog/interview format, bringing help for today and hope for tomorrow to listeners across the nation. Guests are selected not only for their expertise in family life, but for their commitment to marriage and biblical principles.  The program is a unique blend of the serious and the light-hearted as Dennis and Bob bring to the program a sense of "having been there" in their identification with the listener.

Daily 26:00

  • The Truth Pulpit

    The Truth Pulpit

    The Truth Pulpit features the dynamic Bible teaching of Don Green, founding pastor of Truth Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In this 26-minute daily broadcast, Don explains Scripture with clarity, conviction and compassion so that listeners not only understand God's Word, but are also motivated to respond in trust and obedience. 

  • Haven Ministries

    HAVEN Today

    HAVEN Today...for people who need Jesus every day!

    Speaker Charles Morris delivers a strong analysis of biblical truth, communicating with a warmth that calls people to the only lasting resolution to life's problems-the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Each day's commentary is taken from the news stories of the day, bringing the issues in focus with Scripture, and ready for broadcast within hours.

    Haven Today is not a news program or a magazine format. Rather, it takes those issues on everyone's mind and heart to bring the listener face-to-face with the essential message of the Gospel.

Daily 28:30

  • Focus on the Family

    Focus on the Family

    The daily, half-hour Focus on the Family radio program provides today's families with biblically-based, yet practical, everyday insights on marriage and parenting -- insights that help families thrive!  Give your listeners heartfelt stories that keep them tuning in ... and encouragement from program hosts who share the same struggles that every family faces in today's world.

Weekly 1:00

  • Focus on the Family

    Plugged In

    Already a trusted name for the latest in movie and DVD reviews, in response to the growing dilemma families face in our culture, Focus on the Family's Plugged In feature has moved to a daily (Monday-Friday) 1:00 format.

    Anchored by veteran culture analyst Bob Waliszewski, each weekday will focus on one of the five big-deal areas in the entertainment world--video games & apps, DVDs, TV, music and movies.  Broadcasts are designed to help parents process what is available for families today, ensuring that they're equipped to deal with all that contemporary culture throws at them.

    Get more details on the new daily format & sign-up >>

Weekly 23:55

  • Grace to You®

    Grace to You Weekend

    Weekend listeners are afforded a distinct variety of stand-alone studies that exemplify the same depth and commitment to the Word that's the hallmark of the daily edition.

Weekly 24:55

  • AnGeL Ministries®

    Living in the Light

    Through the weekly 24:55 messages, Anne wants listeners to get to know God personally, intimately  . . . as His friend, living in the light of His Word.

    Her desire is that listeners would be drawn into a life-changing relationship with God -- through His Word.

    The weekly program challenges the listener to not only embrace the God-filled life, but to walk with eyes fixed on Jesus!

Weekly 25:30

  • Focus on the Family-Spanish

    Aventuras en Odisea

    Now available in Spanish!  All of the fun of Saturday morning cartoons ... without the worry! Adventures in Odyssey presents the stories, characters and situations kids love ... and the values that Mom and Dad appreciate! Available as a daily or weekly feature, each half-hour episode is a proven audience builder! Kids may tune in for the fun, but soon the whole family is hooked -- for the entire half-hour! Adventures in Odyssey is one show that you'll definitely want to air! Although it's aimed at kids ages 8-12, our research shows that everyone enjoys this half-hour show!

  • Focus on the Family

    Adventures in Odyssey

    All of the fun of Saturday morning cartoons ... without the worry! Adventures in Odyssey presents the stories, characters and situations kids love ... and the values that Mom and Dad appreciate! Available as a daily or weekly feature, each half-hour episode is a proven audience builder! Kids may tune in for the fun, but soon the whole family is hooked -- for the entire half-hour! Available in both a daily (Monday-Friday) and weekly version, Adventures in Odyssey is one show that you'll definitely want to air! Although it's aimed at kids ages 8-12, our research shows that everyone enjoys this half-hour show!

Weekly 25:55

  • BreakPoint®

    BreakPoint® This Week

    The Colson Center is pleased to announce a new participant for the weekend edition of "BreakPoint®" as Ed Stetzer joins John Stonestreet each week for timely commentary.

    Aired nationwide, "BreakPoint® This Week" provides extended time to address critical contemporary concerns, often in an interview setting.  Ed's voice added to the mix will further amplify the depth of focus with each broadcast.

    John Stonestreet anchors the weekly program engaging guests well known for being leading thinkers, writers and speakers in the arena of Christian worldview in an informative and interactive format.  Every program seeks to speak to the moral issues of the day so that listeners have a growing worldview perspective they can share with friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Weekly 26:00

  • Focus on the Family

    The Boundless Show

    The weekly program hosted by Lisa Anderson helps young adults grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.  In a mix of interviews, discussions and question and answer opportunities, the format is lively and engaging in challenging 20-and 30-somethings to reject society's low expectations and live biblically and intentionally in all things, including relationships.

    Station Partner Info Page for "The Boundless Show" >>

  • Haven Ministries

    HAVEN on the Weekend

    For information on HAVEN on the Weekend, check out the HAVEN Today description.

Weekly 28:00

  • FamilyLife

    FamilyLife This Week®

    Each weekend program hosted by Bob Lepine and co-hosted by Ashley Rainey Escue, wife and mother of three.  The magazine format fits the stepped-up style of weekend listening, using excerpts from popular interviews woven together for a common theme.

  • Focus on the Family

    Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

    It's like watching a full-length feature film on the biggest screen of all ... your imagination!  Focus on the Family Radio Theatre combines classic stories with motion-picture quality cast and sound design for family entertainment unlike any other. 

Weekly 55:00

  • Focus on the Family

    Focus on the Family Weekend

    What keeps listeners tuning in Monday-Friday is now available every weekend too!  Hosted by John Fuller, Weekend offers Saturday & Sunday audiences the very best of what's been heard on Focus on the Family the preceding week.  Available in two convenient formats (55:00 or 27:30), the program also offers the option of time for local spots, making it a favorite for affiliates!  (See the clock)