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The Garlow Perspective

Jim Garlow is addressing cultural issues head on with biblical clarity in partnership with Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal ministry of Christian attorneys who advocate for the rights of people to fully live out their faith.  Jim is committed to engaging the culture yet transcending its values.  He says, "The key issue is knowing God through Jesus Christ.  And the hope for a nation is conformity to God's ways."


Jim Garlow

Jim is a fearless advocate for biblical truth, whether it is confronting the issue of ...

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The Garlow Perspective

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On The Garlow Perspective speaker Jim Garlow speaks out boldly, on what he describes as issues of righteousness:  biblical values of religious freedom, pro-life, biblical marriage between a man and a woman to name a few.  The Garlow Perspective tackles the cultural issues of the day in order to underscore biblical truth in a time where too often truth is exchanged for tolerance and a lack of courage.