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Charles Morris

Charles MorrisSince 1934, the California-based Haven broadcast has brought a message of hope in Jesus Christ alone in a unique blend of music and the spoken message. The program is now heard more than 600 times a day around the world.

Speaker Charles Morris, a gifted communicator, became part of the Haven team in 2000 following in the steps of men like Paul Evans and Ray Ortlund. Charles is a man with a heart to tell all nations of the saving grace of God.

The program took a bold approach in March 2002. Taking advantage of satellite and Internet technology, Haven Today is produced just hours before it airs to radio stations. Programs are crafted to target what's on people's minds with solutions for contemporary life. The format literally takes today's headlines and relates them to Scripture-proclaiming Jesus as the ultimate answer.

In addition to the Haven Today broadcasts, Charles is also heard on the 1:00 Haven Now feature, a daily challenge that takes listeners from their everyday world and turns them toward the cross of Christ.

Charles spent a number of years in broadcast journalism and as former bureau chief for United Press International, as well as serving as both general manager and co-owner of an FM station. Before joining Haven Today, he worked for the "Bible Study Hour" ministry with the late Dr. James Boice.

The co-author of Breaking Out of Plastic Prison, Charles has also co-authored with his wife, Janet, Jesus in the Midst of Success and Saving a Life.

Charles and Janet Morris have three children, several grandchildren, and a fine dog who goes by the name of "Clementine."