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Life Issues® Institute

The goal of Life Issues® radio is to keep the listener informed to those issues that threaten the value of human life--whether medical, political, cultural, or personal.

Brad Mattes, co-founder and president of Life Issues® Institute is eminently qualified as the commentator for his daily program, "Life Issues", providing education and advocacy in efforts for the protection of human life.

Brad utilizes "Life Issues®" radio as an effective tool to save lives and increase knowledge of the sanctity of life.


Brad Mattes

A veteran of the pro-life cause . . . With over 40 years of significant contribution and recognition ...

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Featured Sample Programs

Life Issues®

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As an acknowledged veteran of the pro-life cause, Brad Mattes brings his passion for the unborn in this up-to-the-minute commentary.  Each day's feature provides expert education and advocacy on the efforts of pro-life and protection of human lives from the unborn to those issues of the aged.