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Max Lucado

Max Lucado"Show a man his failures with Jesus and the result will be found in the roadside gutter.  Give a man religion reminding him of his filth and the result will be arrogance in a three-piece suit.  But get the two in the same heart--get sin to meet Savior and Savior to meet sin--and the result just might be another Pharisee turned preacher who sets the world on fire."

The written prose of Max Lucado has made his books some of the most widely read in America.  Max brings this same "one-on-one" conversational style to his 1:00 daily UpWords® radio feature heard on over 1,350 radio outlets.

Max is a graduate of Abilene Christian University (TX) with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree.  From 1983 to 1987, he was a church-planting missionary serving in Rio de Janeiro, responsible for evangelism, leadership training and preaching.

Over the past 25 years Max has sold more than 100 million products in print.  Of the 100 million, 80 million are books, many of which have been translated into more than 40 languages.  Some of his best known works are 3:16; Fearless; God's Story Your Story; Outlive Your Life; Six Hours One Friday; In the Eye of the Storm; He Still Moves Stones; He Chose the Nails; Travelling Light; and Grace for the Moment.

Evidence of his touching hearts, both young and old, Max has also authored several popular books for children including Tell Me the Secrets; The Crippled Lamb (co-authored with his three daughters); Just in Case You Ever Wonder; and Alabaster's Song.

A self-described "husband/dad/preacher/author," Max lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he is the Minster of Preaching for Oak Hills Church.  Max and his wife Denalyn have been married over thirty years.  They have three grown children and a son in-law, all in ministry.  And recently they welcomed their first grandchild.