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Vonette Bright

Vonette Bright Women Today

Vonette Bright, with her husband Dr. Bill Bright, were Co-founders of Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951-establishing a worldwide challenge to reach the world for Christ!  They served faithfully together until his triumphant home going in 2003.

And on December 23, 2015, Vonette Bright had her triumphant home going to be with the Lord she so faithfully served.

Women Today International was launched in 1993 under the direction of Vonette Bright with the goal to motivate and equip women worldwide to help fulfill the great Commission. With that same call to action in place, her radio program, Women Today, went on the air in 1994.

Vonette Bright brought to her ministry to women the gifts and spiritual insights born of life experiences, all the more deepened by the loss of her beloved Bill.  It's what makes Women Today both contemporary and unique.  Her understanding and knowledge of total dependence on God's Word is a message that resonates with women as they embrace the challenge to make a difference for Christ!

In 1972 Vonette established the Great Commission Prayer Crusade out of her concern for the moral and spiritual decline in the values of our nation and the world.  It was that same zeal for prayer that also led to the founding of the National Prayer Committee, a group of prayer leaders who seek to rally Christians to unite in prayer for spiritual awakening.

In 1988, as Chair of the National Day of Prayer, Vonette was successful in introducing her prayer initiative to legislation.  A bill was unanimously approved by both houses of Congress mandating the first Thursday of May as a permanent annual date for the National Day of Prayer.

Vonette Bright has co-authored the "Sister Circle" series with accompanying study guides, and is well-known for "The Joy of Hospitality" which includes a cookbook.  Vonette also wrote "The Woman Within" and "A Woman's Walk in Truth: Devotions for Living a Confident Faith."