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Reach Beyond Station Resources

Thank You for Joining us

in Reaching the Unreached!

For the past 83 years, Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) has been taking the Gospel to the hardest places in the world as the voice and hands of Jesus, through media and healthcare.  The Reach Beyond Manifesto reflects that calling and is a direct challenge for you to respond.  Thank you for joining us!

Together, we will:

  • Increase the percentage of unreached people groups who know Christ. 
  • Equip local believers to reach out in their own communities using radio, new media and healthcare as tools for evangelism and discipleship.  
  • Mobilize millions of believers in the U.S. who will commit to pray for and give to projects and efforts to reach the unreached in strategic places around the world. 
  • Support and honor those who are risking their lives to reach the 98% unreached in dangerous and resistant parts of the world.  
  • Support and pray for projects that specifically introduce young people to Christ and teach them to share His name for generations to come.  
  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ through human care in unreached regions that have few or no resources to enhance their living conditions. 

ManifestoHave you signed the Manifesto?

Sign the Reach Beyond ManifestoDeclare with tens of thousands of other believers, "We refuse to stand idly by as people enter eternity without Christ when we can share the message that transforms them."  (Reach Beyond Manifesto, Article I)  Read the complete Manifesto and sign it online as your first step in being part of the 2% Solution.


Station Resources to

Reach Beyond:

Thank you for involving your listeners!  Below are ways to help compel your audience to commit to reaching the unreached. 

Reach Beyond Week
Schedule your station's Reach Beyond Week!  Download the digital suite of resources, schedule live interviews with Reach Beyond staff...encourage
listeners to be one of the 100,000 believers who sign the Reach Beyond Manifesto. 

GrantDownload your digital suite:

Schedule your station's Reach Beyond Week


Reach Beyond Grant
Complete an application for a Reach Beyond grant which will help fund your efforts in a specific station project to reach beyond in your community or around the world.

Download the Reach Beyond Grant Application

Reach Beyond Radio Spots

Air a set of radio spots that engage listeners in the callings of the key points of the Reach Beyond Manifesto.

Download the Reach Beyond Manifesto Radio Spots:  (download 4x:30); (download 6x:60)


Manifesto Web Banners
Add the Manifesto web banners to your website as you encourage listeners to reach the unreached with the gospel.

Download the Reach Beyond Web Banners

Missions Project
Sign up for a project that will take the gospel to the unreached.  Partner with Reach Beyond to
a) plant a radio station in an unreached community of the world;
b) provide SonSet radios for a station in an unreached community of the world;
c) be part of a healthcare project in the name of Jesus.

Ask to be contact about project opportunities


Reach Beyond Daily Radio Feature
Air Reach Beyond, the 60-second daily feature with Wayne Pederson, encouraging our listeners to reach beyond their comfort zones and limits for the sake of the gospel.  Available via FTP or Amb-OS. 

Click here to listen to a demo

Contact Katie for clearance/syndication details.


Need more details?  Contact Katie for questions.