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In one word ... Amb-OS.

It's been Ambassador's privilege to be a leader in program syndication for two decades ... but with the launch of our Amb-OS system in 2008, we definitely "moved to the head of the class." This station-friendly system now provides delivery of nearly every national teaching/talk entity to more than 2500 radio stations in the USA. But wait--there's more! It is also on the cusp of taking programming worldwide.

Internet transmission of audio is also part of our distribution network. We provide hosting and encoding services for streaming audio on the internet. Files are available via hyperlink as well as FTP files in MP3 and WAV format. What we also like about Amb-OS is that it is a clear reflection of that core value to nurture relationships ... it's exemplified in Amb-OS through our partnership with Focus on the Family, and the engagement of the industry's most gifted engineers who serve at a variety of organizations to make it all "hum." We're grateful we've been afforded this unique privilege of operating a system that has, once again, changed the face of Christian broadcasting!