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It's called "Marketing" but what we really mean is building relationships.

At Ambassador, there is a team dedicated to doing that on behalf of our clients -- the ministries we serve -- with the media who partner to deliver their message. That means we're managing a full spectrum of concerns -- from initiating and growing coverage to nurturing and sustaining effective outreach.

To do this, each member of the Marketing team is closely aligned to specific ministries--really, a member of the ministry team. That means listening to the program, understanding budgetary concerns, participating in strategic planning, and much more.

The Marketing group is supported by a custom-designed database that makes us quite smart, if we do say so. Our 50-year history serving hundreds of organizations in media also affords us tremendous insight into the marketplace. And a sophisticated network system provides a level of documentation and insight that equips the team to be current and accurate in all our interface.

Of course, relationships don't happen unless you communicate. That happens extensively as Ambassador speaks to our partners regularly through a monthly publication ("Update"), a Monday AM FAX, a mid-week "Take 5" email, blogs, Twitter and much more!

"Marketing"? That's Ambassador-ing at its core.