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At the risk of sounding like we're "tooting our own horn," Production has always been a hallmark of Ambassador.

Our history of innovative thinking helped to create some of the programs that changed the course of Christian broadcasting, frankly -- including the concept of speaker messages edited for radio delivery ("Insight for Living"), moving into daily connection with audiences ("Focus on the Family"), developing a slice of ministry impact (short features such as "UpWords®").

Our expertise involves working with the ministry to determine objectives ... then working together to create the best "market-friendly" presentation of that. From concept to finished product -- long-form programs, vignettes, specials, live remotes, dramatic presentations, spots, PSAs, audio books -- it's all part of our repertoire, expertly crafted by a gifted and experienced team of producers.

Our seasoned professionals provide support in all facets of the production process -- concept and scripting, voice talent, editing and sound effects -- it's all part of our offering. Our state-of-the-art studios provide a perfect setting for this work as well.

We recognize that representing the most important Message in the world requires us to be skilled craftsmen on behalf of many communicators -- we stay at the forefront creatively and technologically in order to do that.