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Specials & Seasonal

Max Lucado

Special Series:

"Before Amen" with Max Lucado

(1:00 features to begin October through November 2014 as the focus of the ongoing UpWords® daily feature)

The "Before Amen" emphasis for October and November is Max Lucado's invitation to join him in a simple impact of prayer on your life!

4 minutes, plus 4 weeks = forever change!

With the stories he tells so well and Scripture he knows so well, Max guides you in making  prayer a simple conversation with God--honest and direct.

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Highlights include:

  • a call to action to join in prayer 4 minutes, plus 4 weeks
  • an opportunity to take a simple "Prayer Strengths Assessment" as a building block for prayer

Please note:

  • Book giveaways (not offered on air) but available to stations
  • If you are already carrying UpWords®, the "Before Amen" special emphasis is included as part of regular daily programming.
  • If you want to receive the "Before Amen" features as a stand-alone project for October and November, contact Selah@ambaa.com



Give thanksThanksgiving Season:

Thanksgiving PSAs

Ready for a season of thanks, access new and classic features for Thanksgiving month from speakers including:

Bob Lepine
Don Stephens
Anne Graham Lotz
Brad Mattes
Franklin Graham
Joni Eareckson Tada
...and more!

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Upcoming Holiday Specials:

One Perfect Life"One Perfect Life: Christmas Edition"
(2 specials/25:00 each or combined for one 50:00 special)

One Perfect Life by John MacArthur is the setting for the story of Jesus Christ in the very words of Scripture, blending all four Gospels in a harmonized life of Christ in two Christmas specials. Both fully dramatized narratives depict the persons characterized in the Gospel account.  Each special is unique to itself and proclaims the Gospel message clearly through the birth and life of Christ.

Narrated and dramatized from the very words of Scripture and with descriptive commentary by John MacArthur we present:

"A Son is Given " (25:00). . heralding the birth of John the Baptist and the astounding announcement from the angel Gabriel to Mary of the coming birth of Christ.  It presents a picture of the precious time between Mary and Elizabeth, Mary's Magnificat and Zacharias' benediction, the worship and praise of the shepherds who journey to Bethlehem to proclaim the given Son. It is Christ coming to earth!

"Immanuel, God With Us" (25:00). . .transports us to Bethlehem just after the birth of Christ to those days of Herod's decree that all children two years of age are to be killed, of Jesus as a young boy teaching in the temple, of His baptism by John the Baptist signaling the beginning of His earthly ministry--culminating in His last hours on the Cross, His death, burial and resurrection as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

"From the Manger to the Cross" (50:00). . .combines the two Christmas specials into one seamless dramatization of Christ's coming to earth to His resurrection.

Now available on Ambassador FTP, contact Selah for clearance to air.

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Christmas Carol"A Christmas Carol"
(3-part special for 2-hour block/1 hr. 45 min.)

Charles Dickens was just 12 years old when he saw first-hand the devastating effects of child labor.  He never forgot those images.  In 1843 he wrote a pamphlet titled:  "An Appeal to the People of England, on Behalf of the Poor Man's Child"  It became the story of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

How appropriate that Focus on the Family would bring to life this most famous story of the mean-spirited, miserly Scrooge who in one momentous night is confronted by his own lack of compassion-and given the opportunity to change not only his life, but the lives of a family!

The world has told the story many times--but none more to the point than in this Focus on the Family Radio Theater presentation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."  Make this the first year of many to bring to your family, your children and grandchildren a message that defines the spirit of the season of Christ's birth, of His loving compassion.

Now available on Ambassador FTP, contact Selah for clearance to air.

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Adventures in Odyssey

Adventures in Odyssey Christmas Marathon
(6 episodes/26:00 each)

Share the holidays with Whit, Connie, Eugene and the rest of the gang from Adventures in Odyssey

In this special Adventures in Odyssey Christmas marathon, listeners will enjoy classic episodes like "Gifts for Madge and Guy," "Peace on Earth" and "A Time for Christmas."

Available soon on Ambassador FTP, contact Selah for clearance to air.

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More for Christmas 2014:

It's beginning to SOUND a lot like Christmas with special features, broadcasts and more!  See what we have ready for you and your listeners this season:

Christmas 2014 Page >>


Sanctity of Life (January 2015):

Brad Mattes"Sanctity of Life. . .Release from Bondage"  (26:00)
As the abortion industry is targeting women of color--this year's Sanctity of Life special with Brad Mattes (Life Issues®) looks at what we can and should be doing in our churches and communities to release women from the bondage of abortion.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joins Brad with the moving story of her two abortions and God's forgiveness and healing, along with Dean Nelson, a pastor who has helped plant pregnancy centers in urban communities.  And they're just a sample of others who'll share their story of abortion and the hope they found in pregnancy centers serving women much like the safe houses of the "Underground Railroad" of the past.

Go Deeper:

  • Did you know?  80% of surgical abortion facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.
  • Life Issues® response:  The "Roll Call" Billboard campaign being developed by Life Issues®' Director of Urban Outreach with Protecting Black Life to feature the faces of young women who've lost their lives to abortion.
  • More for you:  Request the brochure from Life Issues® titled:  "What You Need to Know About abortion, Planned Parenthood and the Black Community."

To be notified when a demo is ready for auditioning, contact selah@ambaa.com.


Timeless Specials:

Enjoy sharing any of these classic radio specials with your listeners.  Contact marketing@ambaa.com for questions/clearance to air.


In a series titled, "You'll Get Through This" Max Lucado brings three specials to encourage each of us despite our circumstances:

"The Waiting Room" (24:55) with Max and his guest, Joni Eareckson Tada
We're all in a waiting room of circumstances-of life events and with the story of Joseph as his theme, Max reminds us that what Satan intends for evil, God can redeem for good.

"Is God Good When Life Isn't?" (24:55) with Max and guest, Greg Laurie
When God fails to meet our bottom-line expectations, we're left spinning in a tornado of questions-questions addressed open and vulnerably in this most encouraging special.

"God's Redeeming Story" (24:55)  a Christmas special with Max Lucado
In this deeply comforting and understanding special with Max Lucado, we begin to see that "we will get through this"-whatever our "this" is-not because we are strong, but because He is strong.

A special interview with Pastor Rick Warren . . . it's about getting into shape and living healthier for the glory of God.



A special interview with Anne Graham Lotz . . . a reminder to embrace the future God has rather than grieving what we think the future should be.

For Mother's Day:

"A Woman's Daily Walk with God" (25:00) with Elizabeth George
With life-scene enhancements, this is a special for moms-for any woman-from the heart of a wife, mom and grandmother who knows "you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you."

"A Bell Sheep Mom" (25:00) with Elizabeth George
When a shepherd notices a sheep willingly following him, he hangs a bell around its neck so that the flock will follow the "bell" sheep-who's following the shepherd.  In this Mother's Day special, Elizabeth George encourages moms to be a "bell sheep" for their daughters.

"A Mother's Day Quilt" (25:00) with Elizabeth George
In this special focusing on the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31, a quilt with it's beautiful patterns, textures, and "sewing" together, is the perfect metaphor for a woman after God's own heart.

For Easter:

One Perfect Life:  "Jesus of Nazareth"
(25:00). ..a Palm Sunday Special with John MacArthur
Fully dramatized. . .the Scripture used "word-for-word" from the four Gospels-following Jesus through His final week before His death on the cross-is the powerful ministry of Jesus of Nazareth-including an invitation to accept Christ from host, John MacArthur.

One Perfect Life: "Jesus the Messiah" (25:00). . .an Easter Special with John MacArthur
Dramatized throughout in the words of Scripture, we follow those who were present with Jesus the Messiah in His death on the Cross, His burial and glorious Resurrection-with an invitation by host John MacArthur to make Jesus Lord and Savior.

"Come to the Cross" (25:00)-an Easter Special with Max Lucado
In an inspiring and encouraging special from Max Lucado, he invites us to step closer and closer to the Cross of Christ-where we will experience more of His grace-more than we deserve."