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Tidbits for January 25

We realize you have limitless avenues for finding the “fodder” that can help make your on-air personalities sound fascinating, relevant and substantive. But we’d love to help make that happen by adding a few “tidbits” to the mix. The stuff you’ll find here is mostly about the ministries we serve (events, birthdays, milestones)—but definitely not limited to that. Hey, we care about National Chocolate Month just as much as the next guy!

A Quote for Today...

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. Edward Bulwer-Lytton

On This Date...

In 1915: Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, inaugurated the U.S. transcontinental telephone service.

Today is...

Big Rock Day. On this day in 1905 the Cullinan diamond (3,106 carets) was found north of Pretoria, South Africa. It is the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered. From this diamond (named after mining company chairman Sir Thomas Cullinan,) 105 stones were cut including the Great Star of Africa, which is now stored in the Tower of London.