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Tidbits for September 12

We realize you have limitless avenues for finding the “fodder” that can help make your on-air personalities sound fascinating, relevant and substantive. But we’d love to help make that happen by adding a few “tidbits” to the mix. The stuff you’ll find here is mostly about the ministries we serve (events, birthdays, milestones)—but definitely not limited to that. Hey, we care about National Chocolate Month just as much as the next guy!

A Quote for Today...

It is no profit to have learned well, if you neglect to do well. Publilius Syrus

On This Date...

In 1910: Alice Wells became the first Los Angeles policewoman with full arrest powers. Even in uniform, Alice was accused of misusing her husband's badge to ride the streetcar free, until L.A. finally issued her "Policewoman's Badge #1."

Today is...

Chocolate Milkshake Day: An opportunity for chocoholics to savor and enjoy. The weather may have cooled off. But, our appetite for chocolate, specifically chocolate milkshakes hasn't.  (Really, we're not making this day up - well, somebody did, but it wasn't us  . . . though we wish we could take credit for it!) 

Programmer's Day: Celebrated on the 256th day of the year -- chosen because this is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, and the highest power of two which is less than 265. Computers, technology and software make the modern world go around - but for every piece of clever software, there's a programmer behind the scenes, solving problems with clever code, cloud security solutions and intense development projects.