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Tidbits for September 2

We realize you have limitless avenues for finding the “fodder” that can help make your on-air personalities sound fascinating, relevant and substantive. But we’d love to help make that happen by adding a few “tidbits” to the mix. The stuff you’ll find here is mostly about the ministries we serve (events, birthdays, milestones)—but definitely not limited to that. Hey, we care about National Chocolate Month just as much as the next guy!

A Quote for Today...

Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities. William Bridges

On This Date...

In 1963: Walter Cronkite anchored the first half-hour newscast on network television. He interviewed President John Kennedy.

Today is...

V-J Day, marking Japan's official surrender in World War II on this date in 1945. The informal surrender was announced and celebrated two weeks earlier on August 14th.