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What can we say ... we're in the communication business so that's what we do!

Every Monday, our "mAAAx FAX" goes to stations with "bits" for the week ... it's mostly that fodder for personal edification (a verse of scripture and a quote perhaps), on-air fodder ("Today is National Pickle Day"), and ministry updates. We hope it "kickstarts" the week for you!

On Tuesdays, make sure you're signed up to get the "A-List," our weekly connection for stations and ministries!It's has everything that's happened in one place...perfect for a quick re-cap of all the latest details!

Mid-week we send our "Take 5" email -- five links to sites that we hope you'll find insightful, interesting or perhaps simply entertaining. (Yes, the Evian Babies have made the list.) Oh, and recommendations are always welcome. Because there are so many good ones, a cogent quote is included just for good measure!

Plus, every month we send station partners our "Update" newsletter -- a print piece that gives you the latest on ministry activities -- and usually has a few intriguing insights as well. 

Go to the Ambassador Communication Preferences form to subscribe to any of the above mentioned (and more!) updates from us. We'd love to send them your way!

Are you on Twitter/Facebook? We are! Follow us at @AmbassadorTeam. Check out our Facebook page as well.  

In addition to all this ... count on our team to be "talking to you" regularly ... we haven't given up on that old-fashioned phone call yet either -- dial (did we just say DIAL?!) 949-681-7600 for a human voice anytime from 6:00AM (yep!) to 5:00PM PT weekdays. (Emergency needs for Amb-OS go to 949-681-7666 anytime!)